Terms of Service

1: Rules and Regulations

What is not allowed on any server/services:
- Proxyless Cracking/Botting
- Launching DDoS Attacks
- Carding & Fraud Activities
- Serving Piracy Content
- Rat/Pishing/Botnet Hosting/Activities
- Arms Dealing
- Phishing Content
- Email Spam
- Accessing Remote Computers without Authorization (cracking/hacking)
- Violation of Intellectual Rights
- Unlawful Pornography
- Faking Origin Packet/Email headers
- Avoiding Restrictions
- Breaks any US City, State, or Federal law
- Live Streaming off any platform
- Tor Exit Nodes


2: Limited Liability

EasyVM is not responsible for any data loss, disruption of services, service
suspensions, or any kind of damage. EasyVM is not to be held liable for any sort
of actions done by clients/customers to any entity or service provider.


3: Legal Liability

EasyVM will not be responsible for any illegal content or information posted or
hosted on our servers. It is the sole responsibility of the client to keep all
information and content within legal standards and laws. EasyVM will turn over
any client information (if any present) if asked by Law Enforcement and terminate
the service.


4: Payments, Refund, and Chargeback Policy

All payments made to EasyVM, must be made on our client panel. EasyVM is
not responsible for payments made outside of our client panel, resulting in the user
getting scammed.
Refunds for VPS can be requested within 7 days of your purchase date, and
Dedicated Servers can be requested within 3 days of your purchase date.
All chargebacks with a refund requested will get you a spot on our client blacklist.


5: Suspensions and Terminations of Services

EasyVM is given authority to suspend or terminate any services at any time with
no prior notice. All services must follow these terms of service and are agreed to
when purchasing.

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